Experienced mediation services

Civil Mediation

Litigation is difficult, expensive and time-consuming. Court dockets are congested and inflexible. Resolving disputes in hours or days, versus months or years, is a great benefit to your clients, and most cases will settle before trial. Mediation allows the parties to focus on the solutions that can resolve their dispute, not the differences that prolong the dispute.

Mediation also provides the opportunity to resolve disputes utilizing mechanisms other than simply the payment of money, in a fashion that would otherwise not be available if the parties were to proceed to trial.

At Jeffco Mediation Center, we provide experienced mediation for all manner of civil disputes in Colorado. Jon T. Bradley leads our mediation of civil matters. Jon has more than 40 years of experience as a litigation and transactional attorney, and his deep understanding of the challenges presented by many civil disputes allows him to work effectively as a neutral mediator.

Broad Experience With Civil Disputes

We have experience with a range of civil mediation matters, including:

  • Personal injury
  • Commercial disputes
  • Real estate transactions and disputes
  • Partnership/Business dissolutions
  • Commercial collections

Cost-Effective And Timely Solutions

Our mediators have a strong belief in the effectiveness and value of mediation due to their experience with litigation. They truly understand the risks and pitfalls and costs of litigation, and this understanding allows them to develop effective solutions. Mediations can be especially beneficial for businesses as a means of controlling costs and preserving business relationships.

Litigation tends to harden positions, while mediation is designed to aid the parties in coming up with innovative, outside-the-box solutions that may be beyond what a court could order and which efficiently resolve a dispute in a way that saves time, money and stress that builds around litigated matters as they drag through the courts.