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Catherine Tieman

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Catherine has been practicing law since 1990 throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Colorado. She has represented thousands of clients at mediations in both civil litigation and family law matters. She recognized that in family law cases particularly, mediation provided the parties with a mechanism to resolve their disputes on their terms rather than terms imposed upon them by a court, and also saw that those parties who resolved disputes through mediation filed far fewer motions with the court than parties who relied upon the courts to enter orders. As such, Catherine participated in the 40 hour training to become a mediator in Colorado and has mediated hundreds of family law matters to successful resolution including issue of divorce, parental rights, decision-making, paternity, grandparent rights, property division, maintenance, parenting time, child support, modifications of parenting time, child support and maintenance.

Catherine has also arbitrated family law disputes regarding the above issues as well as division of personal property, including being present at the marital residence in high conflict cases to ensure that the property division occurs without additional disputes between the parties.

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